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    what is intelli-sync or whatever it's called? does it replace the hotsync manager? or the chapura pocket mirror? are there other options for mapping back and forth between the pda and outlook?
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    The what: IntelliSync replaces the conduit(s) to allow you to sync your Palm to a variety of applications (like Outlook, GroupWise, Notes, ACT! and others) and extends the synchornization capabilities.

    It does support custom field mapping

    More information can be found at the Pumatech site (

    An overview of other synchronization products can be found at (it's in the FAQ-- "Can I use my current PIM to sync with the PalmPilot?").

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    FusionOne ( is another option that's not listed in the FAQ mentioned above. I can't vouch for it as I've never used it, but it looks interesting.
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    any opinions on which ones might provide deeper mapping, etc than pocketmirror that came with my visor?
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    You might want to look at the Chapura Pro 3.0 that was just released for mapping and other options.

    Here's an article:
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