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    I'm unable to reload my folders

    I am running but do no think this problem is related specifically to this release. I had loaded folders in some (much) earlier beta version. It was only recently that I needed to reload them to reflect some recent folder reorganization

    Following the documentation I select the button in Menu / Box / Edit Mailbox/ "Reload Folder List"

    The I click OK then a 2nd OK to exit the menu hierarchy. The docs imply that folders will be reloaded after this second OK. Folling this second OK I see on the status line .. Connect, Wait, Login and a quick return to the "locked envelope" icon

    but no folders are apparently reloaded as any subsequent attempt to move email to a folder results in the error dialogue.

    "The Folder list has not yet been loaded."

    Repeated attempts prove fruitless.

    Any hints or help would be appreciated as this is important when I am traveling to avoid prohibitive inbox clutter.
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    I'd need to see a log (logging instructions are in the faq at


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