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    Hi, I'm considering buying a Sandisk Ultra II SD card, which has a faster data read/write rate. I have a lot of programs loaded on the SD card, and I"m hoping a faster card will improve load times.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the treo 650's sd card slot can transfer data fast enough to take advantage of the increased sd cards speed.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Yes, absolutely.
    There have actually even been entire forum threads dedicated to people sharing and comparing which cards are faster.
    There are two Treo programs that will test/benchmark SD cards for speed. I don't remember the names off the top of my head, but I think they are VSMark and Cardspeed.
    My first card was a cheap/slow dog and it made a huge difference. I now use Sandisk ultra II cards exclusively as they are some of the fastest (I recommend them.)
    The 512MB card is the fastest, the 1GB is about 25% slower but still plenty fast enough (and gotta love the size.) So I'd recommend getting a Sandisk Ultra II from Costco (usually the best deal) and don't get anything else.
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    This week only, Circuit City, SanDisk Ultra II 512 meg, $39.99 after $23 Instant Rebate and $12 mail in rebate!.... regular price $74.99, so you pay $51.99 + Tax out the door.
    I got me one to replace my Ultra II 256 meg today!
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    Actually, the ultra III cards are faster, although I believe they only go up to 1gb.
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    Costco has UltraII $15 off w/ coupon - I got a 1gb today for $74.99.
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    The Extreme III has a faster write speed than the Ultra II (about 3X as fast), so it will be noticeable when writing to the card (taking pics/video directly to the card, doing sd card backups, etc.).
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