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    Has anyone else found a way to keep from having to type their bluetooth passphrase each time you dial up using the DUN?

    I have my laptop listed as a trusted device on my treo, and my treo is listed in my BT setup. I'm using the Windows XP SP2 Bluetooth manager.
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    I'm having the same issue. Whenever I use DUN, I have to enter the passkey on both my laptop and treo. I've got the linksys bluetooth usb adapter.
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    Same problem here. 1.08 + hack was much better in this respect.
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    I don't have to do that....maybe try deleting your device from the Bluetooth Manager....then Find devices in range...right click your smartphone and then click Pair...add 'em to trusted devices one more time. Otherwise, my only other recommendation would be to hard reset and re-install windows.
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    Yep, grndslm is exactly correct, you restored some incompatible profiles to your phone. Delete your trusted devices, and then repair... Should work fine then.

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