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    weird, it seems that my treo 650 will 'hang' in synching contacts......
    anybody has any idea what to do?
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    so...nobody has this problem at all?
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    if you do have a good backup on your pc then use filez and delete adress db as well as the contacts db and resync.. seems like something got corupted.. I recommend having a backup from backupman or backupbuddy also before trying this.. hope this helps..
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    Try setting hotsynch to "PC overwrites handheld" for one synch. Then set it back. If something is corrupt in the Treo it should overwrite the contacts DB.
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    thanks for the advice guys...
    i think what i'll do now is the 'old' style....i need to type the addresses back on pc one by one, then resynch everything....
    damn it, i forgot to make a backup copy of it before i formatted my laptop
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!

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