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    Whats the best application for connecting to my home network and also for connecting to my intranet at work
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    what exactly do you want to accomplish "connecting" to your network? I use MergicVPN to establish a VPN connection to my home and work networks. Wifile / smbmate are capable of accessing windows shares. and palmVNC works for remote control.
    -- berto
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    you can try plug2net from corsoft
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    Quote Originally Posted by cooldude
    you can try plug2net from corsoft

    I just got this running tonight. It's AWESOME. Now I can use my internet connection at home to surf web and get email via my bluetooth adapter. Thus, no costly data plan! Woohoo!
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    do you know of anything that allows this safe feature if my crappy laptop doesn't have bluetooth? Maybe through USB?
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    behfar, there are many usb bluetooth adapters...swing by your local compusa.
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    There's also SoftickPPP
    I use it with bluetooth, but it supports USB or IR as well.
    And I swear by the COMP USA branded 150ft bluetooth adapter:
    Treo 750 (AT&T)
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