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    I'm new to bluetooth and have a scala 500. My question is what are the best settings in the preferences for security and performance?
    I have my name as the device smart?
    currently discovery is off...not sure what it is and if i should enable it...
    name cache is enabled...not sure what it is and if i should disable it...

    I have read the tips on the preferences screen and still really don't understand these options.

    Thanks for any help
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    Well naming your device with your name is fine, but it would be better if you set it to undiscoverable if you did that. Just don't wanna walk into a subway and let everyone who has a bluetooth phone know who you are. Discovery sets whether or not other devices can identify your device. When a bluetooth device scans its range for other devices, it only shows devices that are set to discoverable. I would suggest leaving this on, as it allows for easier pairing of your devices and such. The device name cache keeps a list of devices available to your handheld the last time you connected, and displays this list when you set up a new connection. To speed up the discovery process, you can enable the device name cache. But if you enable this feature, you may miss new devices that recently have been added to your environment. Disabling the name cache slows down the discovery process, but ensures that you're always seeing all discoverable devices in your environment.

    Hope it helps.

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