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    I recently got my VZW 650. I have had a lot of Palms, including the III, 505, T/T, T2, T600. I use my Palm a lot outside in the bright sun (kids soccer games) and am amazed at the 650 screen. The T/T was a reflective screen an pretty nice outside but a bit dull inside. The T2 screen was nice inside but dark outside. The 600 looked like crap inside and was unreadable in the bright sun.

    Now, the 650 screen is better outside than the T/T, in fact it is really amazing in the bright sun. Crisp, sharp, and beautiful colors. Of course inside, it is better than any of the previous Palms.

    Palm has really come a long way on improvements to their screens and as far as I am concerned, they achieve perfection with the 650
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    Yup, it's nice
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    Makes you wounder how you ever used the Treo 600 and it's screen... and the 600's screen was better then the 270's screen!

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    I'm coming from a Dell Axim x50 and I am very impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Angelique~
    I'm coming from a Dell Axim x50 and I am very impressed.
    Hmmm...a gadgetgirl.

    Oh yeah...screen good! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Hmmm...a gadgetgirl.

    Oh yeah...screen good!
    Getting distracted?
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    Insertion, you crack me up! Chicks with gadgets is all right in my book too!
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    If you go to Color Theme under Preferences, one of the themes is Nostalgia. It gives you a taste of the PalmOS 3.5 screen with its fluorescent backlight on.

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    Yeah, that is one of the main reasons to go with this over the 600.

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