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    After reading the 13 page long "get it while it's still there" thread, I still have a question for the community.

    I am trying to connect to a Cisco VPN using my Sprint T650. I understand that there is the whole NAT vs noNAT issue, which basically comes down to the VPN concentrator expecting the connection to be comming in on port UDP/10000, but Movian is actually comming in on port 500. I understand that the way to fix this is to configure the concentrator to listen in on port 500.

    The problem is, I can't do that. Our security officers are not happy to poke holes in their firewall just to support little-old-me. Is there any way to force Movian to use UDP/10000, or am I hosed?
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    Guess that's a "no". Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
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    Movian/ActiveSync Question.

    I've successfully been able to connect to the VPN using Movian (I have a Cisco 3000), but when I try to connect activesync to the exchange2003 server, I can't. I've tried pinging the exchange server (while in movian & connected to the VPN), but I get one of two messages: if i use the server name i.e., then it says unknown host; if I use the IP address it just times out with a message Net1212 that Palmone can't seem to tell me what that message means.

    Any suggestions? Does anyone know if Mergic works better? I tried mergic first, but it didn't allow for the Group name option.

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