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    Quote Originally Posted by Produce Her

    There is a free demo here if you want to check voltages at different percentages.

    Thanks for your really informative and helpful post.


    You can check this out too.
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    I leave BT on always, not noticed, but will watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    I leave BT on always, not noticed, but will watch.
    Bluetooth on and bluetooth discoverable are two very different things. Bluetooth on but not discoverable uses almost no battery at all unless it is actively communicating. With bluetooth discoverable battery usage will significantly increase. However, there is not really any reason to leave bluetooth discoverable unless you are trying to pair with another device. In fact it is a security risk although some people in Europe leave theirs on discoverable purposely for the purpose of making new friends by chance encounter.
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    I am experiencing shorter battery life after the update, and my battery was fully charged when I updated. I also have not had Bluetooth or IR on. The problem seems to be the green arrows getting stuck on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf
    I am experiencing shorter battery life after the update, and my battery was fully charged when I updated. I also have not had Bluetooth or IR on. The problem seems to be the green arrows getting stuck on.
    I've noticed the same thing after doing the Treo gets warm, and trhe battery goes down a lot faster. Going to Prefs->Network->Disconnect after using Vision seems to return battery usage to normal, but it's an annoying extra step. As it was stated, the green Vision arrows seem to come on a lot more if you don't disconnect in netowrk prefs.
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    My T650 was about at 98/99% when I did the Treo updater. Before I updated/synched, a little pop up appeared on my Treo saying to plug in the power adapter. I did. So far (knock on wood) no big sweep on battery drain. I don't notice anything different. I never used Bluetooth, not even a headset (I will eventually) so I think I'm doing okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by amf
    No, it does not affect the battery itself. Only the batt level indicator.

    Regardless of what battery you use, the important thing I believe is the charge level. The batt should be at 100% because the updater assumes it is at 100% level during the update. The updater then calibrates the batt indicator to 100%.

    If the actual battery level is only 90%, the batt level indicator assumes it as 100% ( a diff. of 10%). After the update and through normal use, if the batt indicator shows 95%, it is actually only 85% because of the difference between the actual and assumed levels. You will note that a fully charged battery (99% level after disconnecting the charger) will stay at 99% longer that when it has reached 98% or lower.

    If my logic is correct, another way to accurately recalibrate the battery level indicator is to fully charge the batt and then use it (w/o recharging) until it reaches critical voltage (0.01v or when the device turns itself off and refuses to turn on) then recharge. I have succesfully used this method w/ my laptop, iPod and other gadgets w/ li-ion batteries. Thanks!
    If this is all true, then how will the Battery indicator handle a 2200 mAh battery? What is the battery indicator measuring?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    If this is all true, then how will the Battery indicator handle a 2200 mAh battery? What is the battery indicator measuring?

    Cheers, Perry.
    The fully charged and critical (lowest acceptable) voltage should still be the same so it will read across that scale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeElmendorf
    I have noticed the same--seems the green arrows are getting stuck "on." Has anyone else observed that?

    Yes yes and yes! I've noticed that too.. I did see that my IR and BT were back on after the update so I'm going to try turning those off and watch tomorrow, but I had a battery low warning last night and I never get that, and I have the extended battery!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTreoGuy
    So can we re-update and fix this or once you have updated is it not re-updatable? Wait...if you replace the battery, how does your logic work with the new battery? Or you mean it somehow affected the battery itself?
    I was wondering the same thing so in the morning I will be running the updater again just for good measure.


    ps.. my battery was not fully charged when I ran the updater.
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    I'm reasonably sure that it doesn't work that way.

    Measuring remaining capacity in the battery is a function of the battery voltage, and that's an absolute measurement done by hardware within the Treo. 4.05V is 4.05V and is always 4.05V. If the Treo interprets that to be 88% fully charged, then it will. No recalibration is necessary.

    My background is electronics technician for a lot of years.

    If the Treo seems to be using more battery, it probably is. Why is still open to speculation.

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    LiIon's aren't that simple. They generally have built-in registers to determine 0% and 100%, based on when the device dies, and when the battery is fully charged. As mentioned, this is adjusted based on maximum charge, and maximum discharge, and every so often it's a good idea to put the battery through a complete cycle to reset the values.

    My laptop slowly drops from 95% max (always been) to 80% over a few months. One complete discharge cycle, and it's back to 95%. It's simply a number, the actual runtime is the same either way, so this isn't "restoring" any battery life.

    Generally this accounting is done IN the battery, so changing batteries shouldn't matter. This is the same device which also keeps the battery from overcharging and perhaps disconnects the battery if there's a short, but not sure about that.
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    I had my first ever battery drain occur overnight last night. It went from 100% to zip in about 7 hours. Bluetooth and IR are both off and I performed the 1.28 upgrade with a full charge on Sunday afternoon. I've never had it loose juice that fast...ever. Even the 1.23 didn't drain as much. There's definitely something up with the 1.28 update to cause this much of a drain.
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    So it isn't our imagination, a less than full charge when updating is not the reason, and running it down to absolute zero and recharging, isn't a fix...
    And just when I thought Palm finally may have done something almost right. What do we do now? I let mine run down to where it wouldn't start last night and then recharged overnight. Haven't used it almost at all this morning and it's down to 95%. I'll let you know what happens from here. Till then...anyone have any other bright ideas?
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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    Chatter, if you're using it, has some options that were added to deal with Treos going to sleep, which seem to be fixed now. I've turned those options off (No Doze and Park in Chatter While Asleep).

    Without Chatter running, my battery is at full capacity.

    Might be worth a try.

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    I typically have 85% battery at the end of the day (had the phone 3 months). After the upgrade I am down to 60% at the end of the day. I have IR on and BT off, which is the same as before the upgrade. I did a hard reset for the upgrade, after the soft reset method looped infinitely.
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    Strange...I had a similar problem, just once, soon after the previous firmware update. I posted about it here and here. The threads died, the problem never recurred. I didn't have a chance to do any systematic troubleshooting. I figured either the update or some software (?Zlauncher) started some process to run continuously.
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    Speaking of processes running, is there a program that will show you what is running in the background (like what windows task manager does)?

    My battery drain seems to be more after the update.
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    If anything, my battery life has improved with 1.28. That's not to say I get wonderful life - I've never gotten through a day with more than about 30% battery remaining - but I'm now seeing 25% remaining most days where previously 15% was the norm. I run Chatter all day, set to sync my various IMAP accounts at intervals ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, and I turn BT off when I'm not using it. I don't actually use the phone much for voice.
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    but, for those of us that have very warm treos, this indicates a heavy current draw - not a calibration problem. Mine ran hot for the first day after the update and now seems to have returned to normal. I did soft reset shortly after the update with no change in consumption/temperature after the reset. After charging overnight and another soft reset (scheduled before my daily backup) everything seems fine now. I was fully charged and on the cradle when the update ran.


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