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    Since I put the new firmware update on my sprint treo 650, the backlight now randomly turns on. Its really weird. I do have mLights installed, maybe a possible conflict btn new "light dimmer" and mLights??

    Any ideas?
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    I still cannot figure this out. It seems to do it about every ten minutes. weird! any ideas?
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    just a thought....could it be related to versamail? I used to have a custom rom that took off versamail but now it is back on.
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    am I having a conversation with myself?
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    It sounds like you are conversing with yourself, but I find it entertaining :-). Did you try disabling mLights? You never updated yourself on that part. Also, when you say backlight, are you talking about the keyboard of the screen?
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    I am having the same problem, but I do not have mlights installed and I have never used Versamail. I don't see any regular time pattern to the problem, and at times the screen seems to flash on every 30 seconds or so for a few minutes. Weird.
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    My problem is similar, but the only difference is that the keyboard lights turn on after a minute of turning the screen off. I found that the source of the problem was dimmer. Anybody having this issue?

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    i am beginning to think it has to do with connecting to vision...i (think) it is only when my service is not so strong (like in a basement) do i "reconfigure" vision? It did not used to do this before the update...
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    I am having the same problem since the update. I cannot find any pattern to the problem. I don't use Versamail and I don't have mLights.

    The problem seems to go away with a soft reset. I'm trying to figure out which app gets it going again, but have not narrowed it down. In fact, as I'm typing this, the damn screen just came on again.

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    do you think it could be the connectivity to vision? it seems, for me, it happens mostly when I am in the basement where there is limited connectivity, but before the the update it worked fine down there...
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    I've seen this with my Treo 650 before and after the update. On my side it's due to either network connectivity changes (i.e. when it locates a stronger tower).
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    I'm experiencing the same problem. My keyboard lights seem to come on randomly sometimes. I'm guessing the 1.12 update is maybe interferring with my mLights which I use. I have reset my mLight activation start time at 1:00am and end time at 11:55pm, and this seems to help. I don't use VersaMail, and I don't think VersaMail has anything to do with the keyboard lights coming on, which is my guess.
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    Yeah. I am having same problems on 1.12. Backlight turns on and won't turn off by itself. Battery will drain over night to 0 if I leave it unhooked.
    Grant Gochnauer
    Treo 650 Owner
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    I received a new phone last Thursday to replace the one that was doing a hard reset on it's own that I wrote about earlier. Well, when I turned it on everything looked okay. When I turned off the screen backlight (phone power button) it would never come back on. The keyboard lights came on, but not the screen. You could see that the screen was working, showing the keypad and palm programs. I talked to PalmOne and Verizon. Both said it was a phone issue and couldn't be fixed. I'm here waiting for FedEx to deliver the replacements replacement. The good thing is, they were not charging me for the first replacement, nor asking for the first phone back, only the replacement phone back. My original has not crashed for two weeks, so I think I'm going to just keep today's replacement as a spare in case I break the other one. Anyway, to answer your question, if your light is going out and cannot be turned back on without a reset, according to PalmOne, replace the phone.
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    hmmmm....weird. I STILL cannot figure this out. Its pretty annoying. Otherwise, my 650 is running pretty well.
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    Maybe you have network time turned on now and didn't used to before the update? If you have this turned on, maybe that is what makes it turn the light on every time the phone reconnects to the network, because it is updating the time.

    Jacob H.
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    that is actually a really really good point. i just turned it off. i'll keep everyone updated.

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