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    I've got a BMW x3 and before the 1.12 update the bluetooth phone option was functional, if without the bells and whistles of downloading a phonebook. Well, I updated today and tried to use the treo with the "improved" BMW connectivity. Every time I start the car, the phone makes a sound like it's trying to pair for the first time, gives me a screen that suggests that it's trying to exchange some info with the car. Nothing happens after about a minute or two of attempted connection. Now when I try to access the phone selection off my car's menu, it freezes. So I tried to re-pair the two, but the phone can't see the car in bluetooth setup. Any help? I would like to wipe out the pairing and start fresh, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I hate the thought of LOSING features on a phone with an updat. Help!!
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    Another update - I just realized that the multiple bluetooth attempts ended up deleting all of my contacts off the treo. It just keeps getting better. I wish I had never updated this thing....

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