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    (the upgrade by going to 1.23 then 1.28 to unlock)

    Cingular (orange) will hopefully be soon, but there's no telling on how long I'll have to wait for firmware for Treo purchased from AT&T (blue).

    It's been hell the past few months trying to consolidate accounts, etc. due to "system incompatibilities". At least this would get around the issue w/ not being able to get an unlock code. If this worked, I could just get Cingular to give me a new SIM w/out having to have a totally new phone - problems solved.
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    I can't get this to work either.
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    Okay, I got the upgrade to go through now. Took me a few hours but I figured it out. Follow these instructions carefully on your locked Treo 650 Blue (AT&T).
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    Instead of upgrading from 1.23 to 1.28. Install this 1.15 updater first ( and do all the normal things like any other rom update.

    After you finish loading 1.15, then format your SD card. Once you finish formating your SD card, insert it into your Treo 650 and then follow the instructions for the official 1.28 update. You need the blank SD card because if you try to run the 1.28 update, then it will reboot and after it comes up, it will give you an error of "Not enough Memory" and give up. So make sure you pop in a clean formated SD card right before you run the 1.28 installer. Then it will work.

    For my locked Treo 650 Blue phone, this was the only way I could get the 1.28 update on my phone. It wouldn't take the udpate from 1.23 to 1.28 like all the other people. But follow these instructions and it will work like a charm.
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    Thanks, Rolex!

    Is your phone now unlocked after this process, or is it still locked to AT&T?
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    Still locked.

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