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    I have a hacked Sprint and my wife uses a hacked Earthlink 650 would I be able to use the Sprint 1.12 rom update on the Earthlink unit? Im in Alaska and on a local CDMA carrier. We roam with Verizon.
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    I am wondering the same thing. If I try to use the 1.12 updater on an Earthlink T650, do you think it would work? I mean, we all know that the hardware is identical.

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    Why would you hack it? Do you know why the 1.12 rom is better? When I check Palm's update site it looks like the 1.08 rom in the Earthlinks have the file fix. Not sure what other improvement might be in Sprint's 1.12 version.
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    Has anyone tried using the Sprint update on an Earthlink Treo 650? I called tech support and they did not have a clue.

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