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    Within 24 hours of 1.28 being released someone has deliverred the SD version that can be used to create a customized ROM.

    Here is the link to download.

    I unzipped the file and its looks like the real deal. I have not personally tried Shadowmite's tool yet, but someone else reported success.

    I am going to run 1.28 a little longer before customizing and use the time to figure out what apps to put in ROM. For those who are going to move faster please post your experience here.

    UPDATE: Looks like this package is incomplete.
    Here is the rest of the story,13145.15.html
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    from what i have seen this may not be a 100% 1.28 is a hashed together mix of 1.23 and 1.28....i custom rom'ed a 1.28 for myself and the info says that it is a new fw but someone pointed out that most or all the files are still at 1.23 level....

    lol you beat me with your update!
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    I did a one to one compare with 1.23 and they are *all* the same.

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