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    I am going away this weekend and need to be able to do this.I used to be able to use the dun patch using shadowmite's hack before the update with my powerbook. Now when I go through setting it up, pairing with my treo and powerbook when I get to the end I only have the option of "accessing the internet with phone's data connection" not that option + "use a direct, higher speed connection to reach your isp (gprs, 1xrtt)" I had this option before the update. Can someone please, please help me with this. This is a link to the setup I used to use that worked perfect:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    ok, I finally got it to work I think. I still don't get that gprs 1xrtt option. I am able to connect my powerbook to my treo. It works.
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    I don't get that option either on my powerbook but I was able to get it to connect just fine
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    Yes, thanks, it is working great, fast, I just was wondering why I was not getting that option anymore, but I decided to try it connecting with just my phones data connection. I thought maybe I wouldn't get high speed, but so far it is exactly the same.

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