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    any chance we will get skype on this thing?
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    Skype or one of their partners has to build a PalmOS client. They have to do it since they don't have an open system with a published's all a black box worldwide VoIP network.
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    Skype hinted at this some time ago, but then backed off quickly. Today, when asked, they aren't evasive. They say they have no plans.

    As for the API, it is not a "protocol" API, which would permit you to create your own client. It is a Client API, which allows you to call their Client from another application. See the Pulver Messenger for a goog example of what is possible. As there is no existing client for the Palm, the API is useless.
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    Apparently, there's some kinda problem when it comes to WAKING UP the device to receive a call....a limitation of Garnet (OS 5). There have been proposed work arounds that I never understood...but, Skype, Vonage, and others definitely do understand -- it ain't worth it to write a half-baked program for Garnet when everyone's savior, Cobalt, is just around the corner (PSource has been sayin' this for awhile, huh?). VoIP ain't happenin' on the Treo this year....maybe in 2006's Treo. When it has Cobalt, EV-DO, and WiFi (hopefully GPS and a hard drive to boot :-P)!!!!

    But seriously though....there really won't be a need to upgrade until the next Treo has AT LEAST Cobalt, EV-DO, & WiFi!!!! then there won't ever be a need to upgrade.....HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    Peace Out!

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