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    Does anyone know of a number i can reach someone at to get help or walked through the set up. I am having many problems and no help. if anyone is good with the set up of PDA net please call me. at 3364716246 its sprint number. Any help would be great thanks.
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    Why don't you describe the problem you are having? I followed the instructions that came with the program and it works well for me.

    One thing I did run into is that I tried to use an aftermarket OEM cable that also charges my phone from the USB port. That cable caused PDANet to abort the connection. If I use the cable that came with the phone everything works. I have not any data corruption problems with the aftermarket cable, but PDANet doesn't like it for some reason.
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    yeah, post some details and we can try to help. i set mine up without a hitch.

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    emuyshondt, damm! I just ordered that cable too! It states it works well with PDAnet & even gives out the link to June Fabrics. Man, that sucks.....
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    With Sprint FW now enables BT DUN, does Sprint users still need PDAnet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric
    With Sprint FW now enables BT DUN, does Sprint users still need PDAnet?
    no unless you would like to use the usb cable instead of bluetooth..
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