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    Okay, so I received a refurbed 650 to replace my lost 300. Thanks lock/line! But, uh no thanks on no sync cable or software! So, found a sync cable on Amazon for dirt cheap. But, went to download the Palm Desktop software, and what the hey!?

    "Not available for download, please install from the CD."

    Okay, that's lame. Does anyone know where I can download the latest Palm Desktop to work with my Sprint T650? Help!

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    I'm having the same problem. can someone zip it up and post it please?
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    Anybody? Please, oh please, oh pretty, pretty please!?
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    I read elsewhere that pa1ms developers link on the url has a download spot..
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    Thanks, sswany! It did help and now I've got it installed. Now, if I can only get Bluetooth sync to work!

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