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    I tested the new firmware, and was surprised that I was getting ~130kbps speed versus the 40-50kbps I was getting before with the shadowmite hack. Very nice. And the new release lets you enable/disable even if there is an active vision connection. It just closes the connection first. No more lib errors.

    One quirk I found: (I am using a Mac, so YMMV)

    I found that I could not pair my iBook and the Treo if DUN was turned on. I had to turn it off, and pair. Then I turned on DUN, and chose "configure device" again to allow the iBook to detect taht dialup was available. It did not list "Use high speed connection" like before, just "Use as dialup" or something similar.

    I hope everyone else has increased speeds as well. I is very noticeable.

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    This confirms that PDANet was faster, some people, including shadomite did not believe me.

    Finally we can say goodbye to PDANet - I really did not like the idea of buying it every time with a new Treo and the extra software to run on the computer side - memory and CPU hungry and instable.
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    downloaded and installed the update. fast and no longer buggy and crashing. nice, waited for the BT DUN for 2 years. finally. nice. no any other sprint BT phones worked this well. posted this from my nexio via BT and Treo.
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    Yep, works well.

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