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    My update went very smooth, so i thought. Now, after every hot sync my treo is doing a soft reset. Anyone else? What could be causing this?
    Treo 750 / Cingular 3125
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    Join the freaking club and take a number.
    All kidding aside, don't waste your time like I did trying to figure out what it is.
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    Restore your address, calendar, datebook, and reinstall everything else. It's the easiest way I've found.
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    What do you mean "Restore your address, calendar, datebook" Didn't hot sync do that for me?
    Treo 750 / Cingular 3125
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    I solved my soft reset problems by deleting my user name folder from the palm directory and syncronizing my data back from the palm...after that no problems.
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    Thanks Puckie, tired your suggestion but no luck, phone resets after every hotsync. Anyone else having this issue/able to resolve?
    Treo 750 / Cingular 3125
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    Yes!...I have a solution. I've had the same problem, but after talking with the Palm Tier 2 tech., I've found the solution.

    First, you must do a hotsync (I know it's going to reset, but do it anyway). Second, do a hard reset (fromat the treo). To do this, you need to take the back cover off and press (do not let go) the little hole by using your stylus pen on the left side while at the same time pushing the RED button (do not let go) on the right side of the front of the phone. Once you see the phone turn off and turn on (you'll see the grey plam logo light on), let go of the stylus pen (on the back) and you should see a comment with something like, "push up" to erase and "push down" to not erase. At thi time push up and the palm should format itself completely.

    Once you complete this, you then need to go to your computer where your plam desktop is installed. Open up My Computer, click on the C: or D: drive (whichever the destop is located), click on Program Files. click on PalmOne or Palm, open your plam logon file name (if you don't knwo this, on your palm, open up the hotsync button and he top right corner, you'll see the logon file name). Once you figure what that is open the file under Palmone or Palm and right click on backup and change name to backupold.

    Once you complete this, connect the palm to the hotsync cable and to a hotsync.

    All your directory files and updtaed will be saved, but you might have to install 3rd party software again. Other than that, your plam should be working without having it reset.

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    Thanks Mark. That solved my problem, what a PITA. Thank goodness for backup man
    Treo 750 / Cingular 3125

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