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    I've had my unlocked Treo 600 since Feb 04 (from

    Its been fine up until about a month or 2 ago.

    I have Tmobile and their $19.99 VPN internet plan.

    Lately when I try to use an app that wants internet access, I will either get a PLEASE WAIT dialog for like a minute to 90 seconds and then it will try to connect and quickly say that the GPRN connecion is unavailable.

    Sometimes it will try to connect, and say "Signing On" and sit there till it times out ...then says "cancelling", saying the connection was unavailable.

    If I soft reset it, it'll connect to GPRS immediately for a while... but when I need it ina pinch, it'll exhibit one of the two behaviors above.

    I've tried turning off the built in mail client from auto checking my pop3 email every two hours, and that didn't matter.

    I also have the following apps that may want internet access:

    Aim for Palm OS Version 1.2 (I hardly ever use this)
    AvantGo 5.5 Build 110 (I could NOT get a newer version to work for some reason)
    Eudora Web 2.1
    Mail Plus
    One Bridge
    pTunes version 3.0.9
    Verichat v1.87 (had a newer version, but that KILLED ptunes from being able to stream shoutcast stations for some reason... after many hours of troubleshooting, i found that the newer verichat killed ptunes, hence my use of an older version)

    I can't say I remember having a single piece of software causing this issue to happen as it seemed to "creep up on me."

    Anyone else have this happen to them?

    Phone info:
    Firmware 03.05
    Software: Treo600-1.12-INT
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    I had this happen from time to time a long while back with my 600 and chalked it up to network issues (I'm on ATTWS)...sorry that's not much help but didn't appear to be anything with the phone.
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