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    I'm getting an error message on my Backup Man when I try to backup that says "System Backup FAILED. There is not enough space left on the volume. (0x2A0F)." I have almost 11mb of memory on my phone....

    Anyone know what might be causing this?

    Thank you!
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    Try a soft reset then backup. Sometimes the cache RAM (probably wrong term) is full, even though your actual RAM is open. It can also give you the error that a web page is too big to load.
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    This is on the Back Up Man web site. It may be the cause of your problem.

    "Some users may experience "Out of memory" errors while running BackupMan. The specific error number for this error is 0x0201. This error is caused by memory leak in the NVFS subsystem of the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650. Whether or not you see this error depends on the quantity and composition of the data on your device; there is nothing that can be done to rectify the problem until PalmOne releases an update for these devices.

    This problem also can show up as a random reset (Treo 650) or Fatal Exception (Tungsten T5). Since this is a bug in the device itself, you may see these errors/resets during any running application, so if you have been wondering why your device resets occasionally, this is probably the cause.

    We are hopeful that PalmOne will fix this problem in the near future, and we will continue to update this website with further information as it becomes available."
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    Thanks guys...actually, I decided to try deleting some of the backups to see what would happen (I don't know how I had about 9 on there). I reduced it down to the two most recent, and voila! Problem solved!
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    Not enough space refferes to your SD card, your SD card was full.
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    i noticed that backups seem to complete more often when bluetooth is turned off before backing up.
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