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    For some reason when I run the exe, & hotsync, the files for the updater never get installed on my Treo. I have tried everything. Does anyone know of a program where I can extract those files from the exe & then just hotsync them over? Can anyone extract all files for me? My only option is to go to Sprint to have them do it...
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    I think I have them all. I had a hard time with the initial install of this update and all the files were hotsynced to my backup folder be fore they were finally deleted off my Treo at the completion of the update. I'm PM you the folder.
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    BUMp. anyone know what software I can use to extract the files. Sprint is lame. They do not install these updates any more.
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    All you have to do is run the exe, then goto program files, palm, username, install and grab them all BEFORE closing the exe program...

    Doing this you'll get them all, copy them to SD card along with filez. Copy them all to ram... reset... It'll run from there...

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