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    I have searched for info about the treo 650 and ringtones. I have not found all that much useful data, maybe someone knows of a post i am not seeing??

    I want to know if the treo, a $600 phone, has built in capability to play mp3, or wav ringtones, and contact specific ones as well.

    From some of the posts I am reading, I am getting the idea that maybe they were that ridiculous to not include this on such an expensive phone. Making you buy extra software from 3rd parties or palmone...

    If anyone could let me know how to assign and store the ringtones on a 650, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also if you have to get 3rd party software, are there any decent programs, and what are the costs, any free?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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    Yes it can play contact specific ringtones but without a third party application only midi ones.

    Yes it can play wav and mp3 files as ringtones but only with a third party application.

    There are several threads on the various apps out there. Lightwav for example. Try the search.
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    Another good option is ringo pro. Some have said they have had problems but mine works perfectly with my cingular treo!!!

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