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    My girlfriend was/is an ATT Wireless subscriber who recently bought a Treo 650 from Cingular. She was allowed to keep her ATT Wireless pricing by getting an unbranded phone. The phone is unbranded, but came in a Cingular box and has Cingular loading screens. Is her phone both unbranded and unlocked or just unbranded? How do you find out?

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    Try it with a SIM from another GSM carrier and see if it works -- that'll let you know if it's locked (doesn't work with the other carrier's SIM) or unlocked (works).
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    hm - I guess I should hold off on putting the unlocked firmware upgrade on her phone.
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    I would bet that it is definitely locked.

    When you turn on the phone does it show the Cingular logo upon starting up?
    Once the phone is on, in the phone app, click the Menu button -> Options -> Phone Info.

    The software version most likely will end with CNB (Cingular Blue, aka AT&T Wireless).

    If so, it's locked. This is what I have and other AT&T Wireless corporate customers
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    Yes, the software does have that notation. Thanks for the info! Guess she'll be waiting for an update with everyone else.

    (I have a Sprint 650 tho )
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    You can update the AT&T phone with the newly released upgrade, but you have to go through the interim step of installing V1.23 first. It is the same procedure as for the Cingular orange phones. See the HOWTO thread for directions. The fact that the phone is locked to Cingular shouldn't stop you! The phone will still be locked after the upgrade. If you manage to nlock it, it will be unlocked after the upgrade.
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    I have a Branded Cingular 650 that was unlocked by Cingular. I always use my China mobile SIM when I am in China and all works well.

    I tried to upgrade (?) to the just published ROM and when I tried to Sync I got a message that the Rom upgrader was not compatable with this phone.

    I am making the assumption (dangerous - I know) that unlocked not the same as unbranded but that appears to be correct.
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    The updater checks for the ROM version. There were some interim patches (like Version 1.23) that did not check. You have to upgrade to one of these interim version before installing the official patch. The interim version turns you Cingular phone into an ROW phone so the official patch can work. See on directions on how to update your Cingular phone with this patch.

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