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    I am considering buying a Treo 650 to use for email and internet access. I currently use a T-Mobile Sidekick for data/email, a Nokia 6230 (Cingular) for voice, a Dell Axim for a PDA. Obviously, that's too many devices. I plan on keeping the Nokia and ditching the Dell and the Sidekick. (T-Mobile's coverage in my area can be measured in inches.)

    I have read a great deal about the VersaMail program that allows the Treo to send and recieve emails. I am a little confused though. I don't have a corporate email account or Lotus Notes or whatever. My main email accounts is like this: I use Outlook 2003 on my XP Professional desktop. I don't use my ISP email ever. ( The setting for my email account is Incoming mail server (POP3):

    Will this work with VersaMail and a Treo?

    Also, does the Treo have the "push" feature, like a Blackberry where when an email hits your mail server it automatically goes to your device?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can setup pop email with Versamail, however many people have experienced problems with it.

    If you have an imap server, you can use chatter for push email however I'm not sure if it's true push or not.

    There are different programs you can use for email. I'm sure there are more than this, but the ones I know of are Snapper, Versamail, chatter and goodlink's email program. I personally use Snappermail. It's simple to use, easy to setup and has a decent UI. It really depends on what you need in an email client.

    I'm not all that well rounded with all the email clients because I had heard so many good things about Snapper so I deleted Versamail and just went with that.

    I'm sure if you google the clients I mentioned you'll be able to get a good idea of what each can provide for you.

    Hope I was of some help.
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