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    Here's a weird one.

    I'm on a Mac (os 10.4.1), and tried to download the updater. A .sit file appears on the desktop, that's a little over 8MB. I double-click on it to expand it, and a folder called "Treo 650 Sprint Updater 1.12" appears...the problem is: there's nothing in it! It's completely empty. When I get info on the folder, it says 9.2MB, but no items are in it.

    Meanwhile, I've already hard reset my phone following the Macintosh directions.

    Please help!!

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    This is a known bug with Stuffit Expander:

    The relevant chunks:
    "You can easily force the Finder to update the empty folder immediately by dragging a new item into the folder. You can also avoid this issue by turning off the Show Item Info option."
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    Thanks, Diamondsw. You've fixed me up!


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