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    In the "New Sprint Firmware Update Released!!!!! " thread there are some instructions for avoiding the endless update loop.

    I'm already in the endless loop, and I don't know how or when to interrupt it.

    I updated to 1.08 with no problem. I did a soft reset and backup before this one, had 14M of memory. So I don't know why it updates endlessly, but it does.

    So again: How do I stop it so I can try again with the alternate instructions?

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    Apparently this is a known issue with Sprint - you may want to call customer service, another poster on the other thread had the same issue.
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    A warm reset (hold the "up" cursor button during reset)?
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    I had the same issue. I followed the alternate instructions and all seems well. I got a bit scared with teh fact it was in an endless loop of updating. I was sure that the rom was hosed and I would need to get a new phone, but no a hard reset fixed the issue. Rock on!
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    Mine ran the updater serveral times before it was able to get through it without a reset. Then it finished and deleted as it was supposed to.
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    Mine cycled for an hour, so I finally pulled the charger, and when it stopped on the screen telling me to plug it in, I did a hard reset, restored, and I'm back to where I was before I tried the update (1.08).

    I wonder if Palm will update the updater to resolve this.
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    I believe your issue was that you did a soft reset before you started. Someone had that problem in another thread started last night.

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