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    I have multiple folders set up on my fastmail account - the main Inbox, then some folders nested within the Inbox.

    I can't figure out how to get VersaMail to see those nested folders. When I do the VersaMail set up on the PC side, and click the "folders" tab, no folders show up, even after I refresh. And I can't find anywhere on the Palm side to set it, either.

    Am I missing something?
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    I am curious to hear the answer to this also ... as far as I could tell, the only folders to sync seem to be Inbox and Trash. Hopefully somebody will enlighten us.
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    Try Menu - Options | Sync Server Folders. (Or Menu - "L".)

    Hope that is what you were looking for.

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    (Chatter handles folders nicely; up to 8 can be online at the same time, getting pushed)


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