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    Dear Forum,

    I have a Treo 600 and I am having troubles. I tried rebooting and now the screen is frozen on palm powered screen. I dont want to do a hard reset because I have information that I wish not to loose. I as just wondering what are my options right now? Thank you for your time.
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    You might try holding the 5-way in the up position and the inserting the reset pin in order to perform a soft non-extension reset... (aka system warm reset?)

    Read this over first...

    If you are successful, do a backup right away and then start your troubleshooting.
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    I tried the soft reset botton and it has no effect....thanks for your help...anyone have any other ideas?
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    See the message above for additional info... I didn't realize you had responded.

    Check the hyperlink and see if the system warm reset puts you on the road to recovery.

    And, welcome aboard...
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    I held up and the screen goes blank and the first palm powered screen comes up but then it just stays on that screen (I kept holding up like the directions said) (This is for my boss so I'd extremely be happy if someone could help)
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    Nevermind, he backed up the phone with a memory card...but thanks for all your help and views.

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