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    Hello Friends,

    I just started using TREO650 from Cingular. I love this phone design (concept). I am reading many problems people are facing in the forum. I have a small question,

    Why people are having so many problems, like resets etc, is it because of some softwares they are installing? My thoughtis Palm people would have done atleast some basic testing before releasing the product. I have treo for about 3 days and I don't have any resets,hangs, reboots... Its just behaving like anyother phone. Ofcourse the Volume is little low to hear.. when on headset its good.

    I got a Sena Slim pouch... but keyboard is exposed... any suggestions.. I may not be using keyboard that much.

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    It's mostly from people installing 3rd party apps. Mine works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robct
    It's mostly from people installing 3rd party apps. Mine works fine.

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    Me too. The GSM version of the phone does seem to be a bit less stable than the Sprint and Verizon versions, though. Hopefully the ROM upgrade released yesterday will take care of that.
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    Almost 2/3 of my crashes involve xiino one way or the other. My phone only crashed once when I was on the phone. It really doesn't crash more than my last phone (SE 700i).
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