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    My bluetooth headset (SE 662) won't pair with the new 1.12 Sprint ROM for the Treo 650. In the Bluetooth App, I went to "Setup Devices" and then selected "Hands-free Setup," hit "next," but my Treo can't find the SE662 when it searches. I tried "Nearby devices" "All known devices" and "Trusted devices" several times. I turned on and off the headset multiple times also. It's strange, but I somehow got the SE 662 to be a "Trusted device" (it shows up when I select Bluetooth App->Setup Devices->Trusted Devices), but it doesn't show up when I go through the wizard.

    Anyone else having this problem and any ideas to fix this?
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    Prior to going into the hands-free Setup, press and hold the +/- button on the headset until the headset enters pairing mode (I put an index finger on each end and press down). Then proceed with the hands-free setup. The Treo should find the 662 during its initial device search.
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    Yes!!! Thank you, I'm such an *****. The instructions for the 662 are only pictures (very little text) so I couldn't figure out what they meant. I didn't have to press both the + and - buttons the first time I paired it up, before the update, but now I know.

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