Hi there. Verizon's mail program that comes with their "push" intellisync software (pre-installed on the treo 650) often brings attachments in as forwarded *.eml documents (this is apparently because all incoming email gets pushed to you thru verizon's exchange-like server). i've been told there's nothing i can do to fix this AND there seems to be no way to open the .eml attachments from the mail program (or to somehow associate them with versamail and open in versamail).

anyone have any clue on what to do to view the attached .eml files (that includes the forwarded mail)?

i'm using their simple intellisync mail program, because not only do i like having the mail "pushed" to me (i know, i can set versamail to sync every 15 mins automatically), but it is also MUCH faster than versamail's mail lookup (leaving more time for me to use the phone).
thanks in advance for help