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    I have evaluated my new Jabra BT250v Headset for two days now and I am very satisfied. The only thing that's not perfect is using it outdoors in windy situations. I think what it needs it a wind cover like band Mics have. Other than that, the sound is very clean with no static. Just thought I'd post some good news for a change.

    Will H.
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    The inability to use the 250 outside or in the car with the windows down is why I sold mine. Hopefully you'll have more enjoyment with your 250v. Have fun!
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    which one do you use now, or would recommend.
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    I use the SE HBH-330 and like it a lot. Others like the HBH-660 & 662. By adding a Jabra eargel the volume is dramatically increased. Check out the different Sony Ericsson threads for reviews.
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