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    I took an index card, cut it the width of the T650 battery but twice as long. Folded in half, placed it on top of the battery. Snapped cover back on. NO CREAKS at all! It feels as solid as the rest of the PDA.
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    The battery cover on my Cingular Treo 650 creaked (since the cover was just ever so slightly loose, as has been widely reported on this web site).

    However, my Verizon 650 battery cover is rock solid, with no creaks. The battery cover thing is clearly a manufacturing spec thing, and the newer 650's from Verizon have imporved on this little annoyance. If I had my previous GSM 650 with a creaky batt cover, I would definitely do this index card trick. Won't hurt anything, and it makes the unit feel much more solid.
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    thanks for posting your index card trick. works great!
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    I found tightening the Torx-6 screws also helps the cover fit tighter...
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    Somewhat embarassing question...... what is an index card?
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    I used felt pad you would on the bottom of a vase to protect a table. A few placed around on the inside of the cover...made it nice a tight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks
    Somewhat embarassing question...... what is an index card?
    Like this:
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    LoL I did the same thing pretty much but with Tin foil a few weeks ago... It boosts reception like those sticker antennas too ! (Scarcastic)
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    Actually, this works really well! It appears that the main culprit is the curved sides - they have a little extra give, so focus your padding efforts there (not directly atop the battery). I found one piece of cloth did the trick for me, although I'll probably get som thin stick-on foam pieces that will do the trick a little more "professionally".

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