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    Similar to the Sprint patch that was released the version of PalmOS is upgraded to 5.4.7 with the patch.
    This version of PalmOS breaks Commontime mNotes. All sync's will reset the palm.

    Commontime created a 'fix' for the Sprint folk - I have emailed them asking them to publically release this fix for the GSM folk.
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    Followed these instructions from Commontime and now the crash no longer happens:
    Could you please locate the following files on the PC and delete it - they are normally located in the C:\Program Files\Palm\<username>\Backup\. You may not have all of them so delete what is there.

    cdzLogger.prc, mLog.prc and mLog_enUS.prc, mNotesConfig.PDB

    Then remove any mNotes software from the Palm, go to the Home screen on the device, tap on the top menu and choose Applications > Delete, then delete the following files (if you can not find a file, you can ignore it):


    Then do a device install as follows:
    1. On the PC, go to Start > Programs > CommonTime > Device Install 2. Check the box for your Palm device 3. Select the conduits you want to install 4. Follow the instructions of the installation process

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