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    Sorry, but I wish I had more time to jump on here and see what all is new and speak up on my experiences.

    I am wanting to know if blue tooth is capable on my Verizon 600 using the Seidio cradle?

    So many people complain that I fade in and out with the cradle and microphone setup. I work buddy has the TreoCentral kit and it is like that for me to hear him, so I can understand the downside of being on the receiving end.

    Maybe there are some solutions other than bluetooth. Any ideas or suggestions are very appreciated.

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    Anyone using Bluetooth? How are you doing it?

    Or any help on the fading in and out that people I call have to deal with?

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    I have a Sprint Treo 600 and am using a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter to achieve a "simulated wired headset" bluetooth operation. This specifically means basic bluetooth headset operation - i.e., answering a call (press the MFB) and terminating a call (press the MFB) - it does not support caller id functions. I also use CallFilter and pTunes for call announcement, hence I do not need caller id (no way I am taking the headset off to see who is calling...)

    The headsets I use are both Motorola, HS850 and HS805. Both do reasonably well, but are very sensitive. I have heavy tape across the microphones to reduce noise. The HS805 seems to give the best voice quality. However, the HS805 goes into standby after an hour or two and requires a sustained press of the MFB to start running again. The HS850 has never shut down on me.

    The Jabra A210 simulates a wired headset connection; therefore, voice command programs will work with it. However, there appears to be a conflict here and as a result, operation may be a bit iffy. I am at this time experincing a conflict with Freedom (used to direct everything to the headset), Bob's Alarm/CallFilter/pTunes) that causes the Treo to hang.

    The basic bluetooth operation with the Jabra A210 works very well for me. I am happy to be away from having to hold the phone or getting the headset cabling messed up with the seatbelt.

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    newbie here. i've heard the moto hs850 does not work with sprint treo 650? and i have also heard that it does? with the new update on the treo 1.12--do you know if this bluetooth headset works with the sprint treo 650?

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