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    MY treo 650 will be delivered on Monday and I'd like to buy a bluetooth adapter for my PC. After a bunch of searches I was surprised to not find more discussion on here about what brand/model of bluetooth adapters people are using. Ideally I'd like one that works on both Macs and PCs but 99% of the time I'll probably be using it on my PC. Can anyone recommend one that definitely works with the 650? Or is BT sync so slow and unreliable that everyone is just using USB?
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    No one can recommend a reliable BT adapter for use with my 650?
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    Belkin 10m or 100m. At least thats what I use it its working fine.
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    I really liked the Belkin 100m I used before I got my Vaio with built in Bluetooth. And it looks good too!
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    BT is much slower than the USB cable. It is only really useful if you don't have your cable with you. However, if you have a BT adapter, and no BT built in to your laptop, you will still have to remember the adapter, so you might as well just remember the cable.

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