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    Hello all,

    I gueess this is applicable to all PDA users, but I've
    been using the visor for a couple of weeks, and the only complain that i have is that I wish there was a provision
    to move the scroll bar from the right to the left (since
    I'm a lefty).
    I tried a couple of 'hacks' that claimed to move the scroll bars, but didnt seem to work.
    Anyone know of doc readers that can do this?? any other 'lefty friendly' software.
    its not really a big deal, but would be a lot nicer.....

    its a tough life when ur a lefty !


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    I too am a lefty and agree with your complaints about hacks, etc. that are supposed to supply this feature. I have simply gotten used to using the hard buttons for scrolling. I know there are reasons to use the scroll bars, but most of the time the buttons work fine and you are never putting your hand over the screen that way.

    As for DOC readers, I have not experimented that much, but SmartDoc (reader and editor) allows you to move the scroll bar to the left side of the screen. I use this app and am quite happy with it. If you are looking for a free reader, I can't provide any advice, sorry.

    - Ryan
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    Originally posted by shujaatk

    Anyone know of doc readers that can do this??
    Peanut Reader allows you to select one of two "Page down" modes: in one, tapping anywhere on the left half of the screen pages up; tapping anywhere on the right half of the screen pages down. In the other mode, tapping anywhere on the top half of the screen pages up; tapping anywhere on the bottom half pages down.

    AportisDoc has a mode which allows you to tap anywhere on the screen for a page down.
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    I'm also a southpaw, but I've pretty good luck with a HackMaster hack called LeftHack 3.0. It's shareware, and I've found it VERY helpful in a lot (but not all) apps. Here's the link:

    I also have AportisDoc and mainly use the up/down buttons on the Visor itself.
    I've turned on the tap feature, which helps, too.
    Good luck ... and remember:
    Left is Right!
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    The best program I've found is called Lefty. It works well, is free, and supports several programs listed in the "Lefty-savvy apps" list. Check it out at
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...
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    I've emailed back and forth months ago with Armanda Neves at (makers of the ThinkDB database). I asked him about providing support for the "Lefty" program, but he couldn't get it to work. So he was working more with "LeftHack". I just emailed him again yesterday to check in on the left-aware status.

    It's too bad programs w/scroll bars just don't have a built-in preference to provide the bars on the left so that hacks aren't necessary.

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    Thanks for replying everyone, I guess there are other people that feel like me!

    I will be trying the programs mentioned, in the mean time, please do keep us all south-paws informed of any new developments.

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