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    Anyone have any comments on the quality of the Seidio, Palm or other headset/headphone combos out there? If you know of any, can you point me to them? I've done a few searches and haven't seen anything more substantive than suggesting that these be tried.
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    To all those in manhattan,

    For what its worth, I was walking down the street (23rd and ave of americas) and found a hydbrid headset (non-retractable) at a street vendor. Bought it for 5 bucks and am pretty happy with it.

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    Geano.. u happen to have a pic of it? I'd like to see what it looks like.
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    Geano - Is the hybrid headset stero with two ear plugs? I will be in NYC on Wednesday and would like to pick up a pair. What else was the street vendor selling. I will be up by 7th and 51st.

    For $5 I would pick up a couple of pairs.
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    Here is the pic. It has two earbuds. I hope the dude is there. I've seen him at 23rd and 6th on the weekends for sure (its right next to some outdoor antiques fair). I think he had 1 or 2 left at least.


    i'm not much of an audiophile so i can't comment on the actual stereo quality of the headset. i've definitely heard better though.
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    i bought the palm branded hybrid set. the earphones suck. they are uncomfortable and sound bad. i plan to tear it apart and put on my own headphones. wish me luck.
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    The hybrids in the picture look pretty nice for $5. They would save me from having to carry a phone headset plus an stero audio headset with 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter. Hearing phone calls in both ears seems like a nice idea too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sixsixty
    i bought the palm branded hybrid set. the earphones suck. they are uncomfortable and sound bad. i plan to tear it apart and put on my own headphones. wish me luck.
    Ditto! The damn things won't fit in my ears! And I do not have abnormally small ears either. Junk!
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    The Palm hybrid headset earbuds seem too big for my ears. Is there some special or preferred method of inserting these? I currently try to insert them on an angle but it seems to me as they are plainly "too damn big". Is there any chance of my ear adapting to the fit? Has anyone ever damaged their ears by using the wrong size audio listening accessory?

    Has anyone ever adapted these to use some sort of "over the ear" bracket?
    (I know: no better way to announce to the world that I'm a nerd. I'll think twice before actually doing this, but will probably try something like it anyway.)

    I used headphones but ended up somehow loosing them out of my backpack. The earbuds fit in a shirt pocket.

    On the Palm hybrid headset, I found that draping the cable over my left ear helps to heep it in better. I tried a search but maybe I didn't think of good search terms. (If anyone has had success with such a search or knows answers, I'd appreciate your ideas.

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    I on the other hand use and LOVE my Palm Hybrid Headset. Fits me perfectly and sounds great. I go running and biking with mine, and now with that Headset Control app, I can start/stop/pause/next song, etc just with the little button on the answer/end pod.

    One final comment - for the left ear portion, make sure you run that behind your head - doing so will spare you from all the extra cable wire stuff floating around in front of your face.

    Can't say enough good things about this headset/headphone combo - in fact, I was comparing devices today with a guy who had an i730 (which also comes with a similar combo headset/headphone thing) - he tried mine, and with using PocketTunes, he said my setup sounded MUCH better than his - so take that for what it's worth).
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    While not overjoyed with my palm hybrid, I'll second nrosser's comments. Together with Headset Control and in my case AeroPlayer, it's just way too cool.

    I agree with the comments about fit though. Smaller would be nicer. That said, all the "The Seido headset worked great for the first 4 months.... " posts, led me to believe this was the best solution.

    I'm content.
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    Here's an update after a week or more of using.

    1) After having initial difficulty figuring out how to place these in the ears, I went home and used a mirror. I then figured out that I can "hang" them on the little nub below where my ear canal enters. They are literally sitting on my ear without beubg pushed in, so they are vulnerable to falling out this way. This works ok for sitting at my desk, marginal for walking without a coat. Not well if the wires go inside or touch a winter coat, and not at all for running. On the subway in tunnels, too much noise pollution gets around the earbuds so I can't hear what's playing. So my uses are limited, but I like being albe to fold the cord in my pocket and they work well at my desk, where I stream classical music when I need to filter out distractions. Overall, so far, a good compromise product, and not having the L-adapter makes putting the treo in my pocket when going for a walk easier.

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    another vote for the Palm Hybrid. pretty fair quality audio. hadn't seen the button, however, so now i'm going to hunt down headset control.
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    for Headset Control
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    I just posted my review over in before I saw this thread.

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