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    Quote Originally Posted by sfmanuel
    Hey Swieder,

    I also have a Cingular branded phone that has been subsidy code unlocked. I am tired of waiting for the Cingular ROM update and have read of other users upgrading to the pre released ROM's like yourself. So let's flip a coin. Heads I go first, Tails it's you :-)

    I am done. Been running 1.28 since late last night. Seems to be a very stable release. I installed it over 1.23ROW which seems to be a prerequisite for 1.28
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abraxo72
    I have used backupman 1.54 to make a full backup of the phone on the SD card.
    Then I 1) did a hard reset, 2) created a dummy user name 3) deleted the real username from the desktop and 4) installed the upgrade on the phone (via hotsync, with the dummy user name).
    Restoring from the card, then hotsyncing, restored everything, included the real user name (that was stored on the card during backup), so that I could finally delete the fake user name from the desktop.
    The logic here is that a SD card backup has always used to be far more complete and suitable than the standard backup, created by the hotsync.
    Perfect example of why I hate having to use Hotsync to install applications. Why should something to simple be so complex? I found my install method (copy files manually to RAM and run the customize step manually much less frustration and more efficient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder
    I am done. Been running 1.28 since late last night. Seems to be a very stable release. I installed it over 1.23ROW which seems to be a prerequisite for 1.28
    Well, 1.21 firmware is 1.06ROW (don't remember what ROW ver 1.23 firmware came with). I got hung up on comparing 1.13 (ROW) to 1.21 firmware earlier... so I try to point out mix-ups. Wish they'd choose a different number sequence for each to reduce confusion.
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    Did my upgrade tonight. Have a Treo 650 unlocked GSM purchased in Hong Kong, used in the UK. Have used a number of the beta versions of firmware going around, most recently 1.23.

    Backed up to memory card using Backupbuddy VFS (this software is fantastic - much better & quicker than Hotsync, if you are not using it, I recommend you take advantage of the 14-day trial and use it to do your ROM upgrade).

    Hard reset Treo. Went through setup procedure. Synced with PC but used a new Hotsync name, so that it kept the unit more or less empty (didn't restore any data).

    Downloaded & opened ROM update. Resynced Treo, took a while, then it ran the ROM update automatically (it's quite adament it won't do it unless the Treo is on charge, even if the battery is showing full).

    Full reset, basic setup questions answered.

    Then a restore with Backupbuddy VFS, reset one more time and everything was fantastic. Hotsynced with the PC, and it was as if the PC thought nothing had happened - didn't ask for the username or anything, just worked perfectly.

    One piece of software to note that never seems to work properly after a full reinstall - Ultrasoft Datashield. I use this for Web passwords and the like. Solution, very simple. Don't start Datashield on the Palm, it will mess it up. Go to Hotsync. Change the options to "recovery sync". Hotsync. System will notify you to change setting to "desktop over-rides handheld". Hotsync. Hotsync once more (this means that we're now doing the first normal sync). Afterwards, all will be well.

    Hope this helps anyone who may be unsure about doing the update.

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    I upgraded my Treo 650 GSM unlocked, TMobile, and Goodlink. Went from 2MB to 4MB free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Joe
    Updated using the alt method. Worked fine.

    However, looking at the list of improvements, we are still one upgrade behind Sprint phones.

    The unlocked people are the ones paying the most for their phones but we get second shot at the upgrades. What's that about P1.
    If by second shot you mean GSM, I suspect the reason might be that they were earlier in the pipeline. So while the team is working on GSM fixes, the CDMA team has already had time to work on stuff ahead of them (from the get-go). Rarely do such disparities disappear over time. But frankly, they have many more issues (some related to carriers or CDMA itself) than GSM, so i think we get a fair shake in the end.

    For example, we can manage to get calls usually whenever we're using data. CDMA customers complain a lot more about missed calls in these situations. I was just following a thread today (in the Sprint firmware update) that they can't do 3-way calling? huh!?

    So, I think it's still true that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence... well, unless there's a septic tank there.
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    Upgrade from 1.13 to 1.28 went from 15k to 13.3 M. Flawless upgrade using alt method and Hotsync. So far no resets. Louder speaker(s) Occasionally long TT from keys.
    Waiting for Palm Pre on AT&T then can replace my iPhone. Needs Doc To Go and Flash

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    Successful upgrade on Unlocked GSM (T-Mobile). I performed the update with 14.8 MB free and it didn't complain. Before the updater kicked in a got a brief Error message that went away on its own.

    I did lose all my Bluetooth settings though, ie Trusted Devices. I'll have to re-add my HS810 and friends, laptops....
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    I was ready to be *Really* unhappy for awhile, but in the end it turned out very well

    I have nightly backups with BackupMan (to SD); I did a manual backup and switched the card to read-only. Downloaded the patch and it was an .exe .. doh! Downloaded the Mac version and found the 44 handheld files therein.. eureka says I! (Not wanting to do a hotsync based install..)

    Not enough space in RAM (only 5MB, due to the severe wastage in nvram), so I randomly nuked a pile of things to make room, and copied the files over. Running the installer it claimed I needed to be plugged in.. doh! So I had a crippled device all day until I got home. I tried a Restore using BackupMan, but half the files failed to restore (which had me vary worried that I'd lost my backups.) (Being a coder, I know that the OS is broken with regards to importing some pdb's, so I though thtat OS bug might be about to really hurt..)

    Anyway, got home and randomly nuked files again and re-copied the installer files. The installer ran itself when I went to the launcher and the ROM flashed successfully.

    BackupMan restored no problem this round! PErhaps the patch fixed the OS issue making imports not work, so this was excellent news.. thankfully my backups are good

    I went from 4.5MB free to 13MB free. Life is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder
    I am done. Been running 1.28 since late last night. Seems to be a very stable release. I installed it over 1.23ROW which seems to be a prerequisite for 1.28
    I update to Firmware 1.28 from 1.15.
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    FYI, for those installing the update via a Windows PC, WinRAR is unable to run the update file (the compressed .EXE file in the .ZIP file downloaded from Palm). You have to be using WinZIP. WinRAR had a problem finding the .EXE file.

    I also updated from firmware 1.15 to 1.28. Free space went up, from 4.4MB to 13.9MB
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    Locked cingular -> 1.23 -> 1.28 still locked, guess I need to read more =)

    Loving the 1.28 though.
    Treo 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by damado26
    Locked cingular -> 1.23 -> 1.28 still locked, guess I need to read more =)

    Loving the 1.28 though.
    Firmware upgrade is not meant to unlock a locked phone. If your phone was unlocked before the upgrade, it will stay unlocked afterwards. If it was locked before, it will stay locked.
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    Thanks, no worries, enjoying it anyway =)
    Treo 650
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    I went from 1.21 to 1.28 no change in memory. still at 9.1mb. thanks taroliw, your method worked great. I am loving how stable this is. I will check the speakerphone in a few.
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    I installed it on my Rogers phone. After 1 failed attempt I got it to work....

    Speaker phone is MUCH louder. Actually usable now.
    Didn't notice a huge improvement in the regular phone ear piece
    Memory went from 4MB free to 11 MB free.

    My comments:

    The method they tell you to update with is a little flawed. They say you have to have 15 MB free...which is a little off - you need almost 16. The problem is the only way to free up that much memory is to delete almost ALL your programs. So you do that - THEN it wants to hotsynch to back up before updating. The problem is that it's backing up your stripped down Treo...not the fully loaded Treo you had before you started deleting stuff to free up memory to do the update.

    Fortunately, I had the common sense to back up the Treo Folder on my PC before doing this. I did the update...and then copied the foler back over before doing my restore synch. Doing that put my phone back to normal.

    The first time I tried the froze my computer and my Treo. So I rebooted both and the second attempt went fine.

    The only wierd thing I have noticed is that when I look at my App Info: Versamail 3.0C is listed 2 times. One of them is 672K, the other is 13K. Don't really care because I use Snapper...but this is weird.

    Other than that...I am happy the update FINALLY came out.
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    Officially unlocked Cingular from 1.23 Beta to 1.28, success.

    Of course I had to hard reset it and sync it to a new empty account and upgrade it, took about 6 minutes, everything went well. Indeed the speaker is louder and everything works just as fine as before.

    BTW it stays unlocked after upgrade.
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    P1 Unlocked GSM - Upgrade went easy. Gained 4MB memory ....

    Little or zero improvement in the headset volume + I'm using VolumeCare which other then keeping all the settings at max (which is great) didn't increase the volume either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike
    I installed it on my Rogers phone. After 1 failed attempt I got it to work....
    In case you're interested, they just posted the Rogers GSM update this afternoon.
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