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    So, what upgrades have there been to VersaMail?
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    Just updated my P1 GSM and sound quality much improved. Also annoying double dinging when the phone button is pushed no longer happens. MY AVAILABLE MEMORY WENT FROM 6.8 to 13.7!!!! Yes!!! Am going to re-pair bluetooth and report. Don't use Versamail, use chatter.
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    Whoooly crap.

    I went from (approx.) 3 MB free, to (approx.) 14 MB free.

    Nice, veeeery nice.
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    Any news on using this with a Cingular Treo 650, or when that might come out? I just got my Treo last Saturday, so I can't call them to get it unlocked yet (or at least, I read in another post that you had to have your account with them for 3 months before they would unlock it for you).
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    Apparently it works on Cingular locked phones that have the beta firmware (I had 1.23) that was floating around the net a while back. I did a good backup, hard reset, synced and created a new ID called UPGRADE, set the conduits to do nothing, and ran the update. Apparently you have to also upgrade some apps (DocsToGo, eReader, Zap! and others) to be compatible with the new file system patch. Its all on the PalmOne update page.

    After the update ran I cancelled out of the second hotsync (the one that restores your backup from the PC), restored from BackupBuddyVFS (the one I did just before the update) and voila! I already had the updated apps (except Zap!) and I am in business with firmware 1.28, software Treo650-1.13-ROW.

    We'll see how well it works!
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    Is anyone else having trouble downloading the updater from Palm? I can get to the EULA page and when I click "Agree" I am taken to a search page and no DL. I have tried Firefox and Safari on Mac 10.4.1. Very odd...
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    I have an unlocked Cingular phone that I bought on ebay. It came with 1.15 generic firmware and I had updated it to the 1.23 beta earlier in the week. Had been having some weirdness so, I decided to start fresh and manually restore only what I needed. Everything is running great! The mic on the unit picks up my voice perfectly, all the echo in my Treo BT headset is gone and everything (BT included) is much more responsive. I'm very happy. Here's the steps I took (I'm on a mac running OS X so, the backup folder step will be different than Windows):


    - Hotsync to make sure I had a recent backup.
    - Hard reset to wipe all settings.
    - Moved my Backup folder out of the Palm Users folder to the desktop(Users/myname/Documents/Palm/Users/mypalmname/Backup). This was important because I did not want all the various prefs files resyncing after and made it easier to delete the updater files per Palms instructions after the update without having to create a second user.
    - Added updater files to install list and hotsynced.
    - After the install sequence, re-installed all my 3rd party apps via hotsync.
    - Went though the orig backup folder and pulled specific prefs files and installed them via hotsync. The ones you definitely need are called CarrierProfiles2.pdb, NetworkDB.pdb and NetworkProfiles2.pdb as they contain the info specific to Cingular's voice and data network (GPRS) login. I also installed Messages Database.pdb for my sms, PhoneCallDB.pdb and PhoneFavorites2DB.pdb so I could have my phone log and shortcuts. Besides that, I installed Blazer Bookmarks.pdb.
    - I than re-configured all my apps (Versamail, Treoguard, chat apps, etc) manually so I could be sure their prefs were clean and uncorrupt.
    - Re-paired headset and laptop in bluetooth.
    - Voila! Nice clean install to the new firmware!

    For those of you looking for the Cingular branded firmware, I expect that Cingular is putting though it's paces with their customization and apps before giving the thumbs up. Just chill, should be along very soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmascatello
    Is anyone else having trouble downloading the updater from Palm? I can get to the EULA page and when I click "Agree" I am taken to a search page and no DL. I have tried Firefox and Safari on Mac 10.4.1. Very odd...
    I am currently downloading using Firefox.
    Their server must be overloaded... keep trying
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    Successfully Updated My Firmware .. 01.28/1.13
    Using Unlock GSM ROW

    Noticed New:
    1. pa1mone logo upon reset now has a small TM mark
    2. Audio Seems to be Louder both Speaker Phone Mode / Non Speaker
    3. Versamail Now Disconnects to GPRS when change apps.
    4. Maybe More free space .. i dunno haha ..
    5. Blututh seems to be connecting faster when dial connected.
    6. When click a number tone on call .. the tone is longer this time .. last time was "tonee" now is "tonnneeeeeeeeeeeee"

    Still hasnt improve:
    1. Cant Change Apps while in Dialling Mode meaning to say unless someone pick up the phone. U cant switch to memopad or anythign else to take notes or something.

    2. Still a delay slow change on switching to phone app.

    3. Still cannot use the Spacebar to switch to SpeakerPhone / NoSpeakerphone

    4. Still no Auto Redial if line is busy option (lol im asking too much am i ?)
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    I remember I read somewhere that there is a SD version of 1.28 (even before the offficial is released). We definitely need that to create our custom ROM.
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    Prior to upgrade:
    Cingular locked with unbranded 1.15 firmware.

    Using the Hotsync method, was able to flash to the new 1.28 firmware/1.13-ROW. Haven't tested out anything though...

    From 3.7megs to 11.2 megs.
    Treo seems a little more sluggish for some reason. Just a little..
    Call volume doesn't seem that different :P
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    I am waiting on word if someone has upgraded on an unlocked cingular running the old 1.04.

    Where is the best place to get the 1.15 or the 1.23? so that I can upgrade if no one figures out how from the Cingular.
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    Has anyone run this update using The Missing Sync? I wonder if the process is smooth, or if I need to re-install Palm Hotsync software to run the upgrade.
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    Yes, I did my updates described above with Missing Sync. No problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Wulong001
    I thought the next firmware release was the 1.28 or what ever.....

    Does this fix the low sound issues with the GSM T650?
    Exactly my thought. Is there a compelling reason to revert from 1.21 or 1.23 to this release? Or did we already have these benefits and the rest are excited about something old that's new again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    Where the heck is the Cingular upgrade!
    I learned the hard way with Nokia that waiting for vendor upgrades sucks. That's why I went with an unlocked GSM version and have been running 1.21 for a while now.
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    Upgrade went fine but NotePad failed to restore or re-install.
    Voice Memo restored fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lappari
    Update went fine on my GSM 650.. took 20-25 min and worked flawless...


    Now itīs
    Firmware: 01.28
    Software: Treo650-1.13-ROW
    Doh!! that's the confusion then. people are psyched about 1.13 and I'm thinking "1.13!? That's a downgrade!" OK... time to start backup and flashing. I guess they're forcing us through hotsync on this one... I find the SD method much nicer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    It would be nice if Cingular would communicate with us somehow and let us know what is going on. Like a date for the update on Palm's site. . .
    Oh wow... thank you for that moment of entertainment. Never ever hold your breath waiting for Cingular to do something customer-centric. Won't happen.
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    Also - no echo. This one was real issue for all people who called me. They've heard this delay effect of their voice. Sound is much louder as well.
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