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    I recently moved and as my luck would have it, Sprint PCS has a "known coverage hole" that extends about a 2 block radius from my home. I have an unlimited Roaming plan, and the Verizon signal is stronger in my area, but since there's a trace Sprint signal in the area, it's apparently just enough to keep my phone from roaming onto the Verizon network. Are there any programs that anyone knows of that would enable me to force the phone into Roaming mode when I'm at home so that I can retain Sprint as my carrier and still be able to get calls at home? I ask no one to suggest a switch to Verizon because Sprint by far gives you more bang for your buck and is usually more cutting edge in terms of phones as compared with Verizon. Thus, I view a switch as a very last alternative. Thanks!!!
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    Wow, I've stumpped everyone I see from the lack of replies. Hopefully someone has an idea that stumbles onto this thread.
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    Everyobdy is upgrading their Treo's!
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    The only way to force roaming on the treo 650 so far is going to be a custom PRL... Mainly, you need a serial cable for the phone, and some cellular software. And you need to load the Verizon PRL onto the phone, which will then flop it's tower uses...

    It's not ideal, but it works...
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    its great to have you back, shadowmite! sincerely. can't say enough about how we all appreciate your contributions here!!
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    WHOOOPI!!! Nice to see you around here shadowmite! You posts here are greatly valued!
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    Shadowmite, yes you are #1 around here! Thanks for your input. If I use Verizon's PRL, I assume that the phone will always prefer Verizon, am I wrong? If I'm right, then none of my Vision functionality would work except in the rare instance where there is no Verizon but strong Sprint service. if I'm wrong and a PRL download would work, how the heck would I change the PRL??
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    WHOOOPI!!! Nice to see you around here shadowmite! You posts here are greatly valued!
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    Any other ideas out there?
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    I've offered a lot of money to whoever made this a simple program.
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