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    Has anyone tried to have a conversation over your radio using the Seidio 2 in 1 adapter in conjunction with a cassette adapter?

    If so, did you have any problems? Did your speaker phone icon click on and off interrupting your phone conversation? Solutions/recommendations?

    It's a good idea. Listen to your MP3s until the phone rings, then, hit the button and have a true, clear and robust hands free conversation (except for the clicking).

    Have you found that a cassette adapter gives your better audio quality than a FM transmitter?


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    The Treo senses the imedance (resistance) of the device you connect in order to determine if it is a microphone or a speaker. Less than about 1K ohms and it assumes it is a speaker or headset. More than that and it assumes it is a microphone. This allows it to use the same jack to connect both a cell phone headset or walkman headphones (with an adapter) using only 3 connections.

    Unfortunately, many cassette adapters are right around 1K and it gets confused. It switches back and forth and thinks you are pressing the 'call' button.

    Fix possibilities:

    a) get another cassette adapter that has a lower impedence (best choice!)
    b) create an 'adapter' that has a plug and a jack and has a 1K ohm resistor across the hot and ground of both inputs.

    I happen to have a headset that has a separate pigtail with a volume control in it. I use it in between the cassette adapter and the treo. If you hook it up in reverse and set the volume below full (about 2/3) it has the same effect - reduces the impedance. I'd have to draw you a schematic to explain.

    Bottom line - - get another adapter - one that you can try out and return if it doesn't work.

    Jim Cioffi
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    Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I thought that might be the problem so I got out the ohm meter. Unfortunately I have forgotten more than I remember about electronics.

    Am I correct in saying that the ring closest to the rubber on the connector is the ground, the end or tit of the plug as well as the second ring are the left and right channels and finally the 3 ring is the mic?

    I did a bunch of measurements. After connecting the Sony cassette to the Seidio 2 in 1 adapter (which I set to full volume) I read .53 K ohms on the first and second ring using the fourth for the common ground.

    I also measured the Treo hybrid headset (which should be the “gold standard”) and got 1.45 ohms (.00145 k ohms).

    Confusing that they are so far apart.

    Then I tried to mimic the Treo hybrid headset reading while I was using the cassette/2 in 1 by adjusting the volume on the 2 in 1 adapter. Do you think that will do the trick?

    I don't even know if I would get different results if the cassette was actually plugged into the radio.

    Do you think any combination of cassette/FM transmitter/headsets in series with the Seidio 2 in 1 adapter could somehow damage the Treo?



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