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    Should I get the Treo 650 for Verizon now, or wait until all the bugs are worked out of it? Also, I've read on that they may be releasing an EVDO capable 650? See:

    If that did happen, would it be a different phone model / different hardware, or would it be a firmware upgrade? If it is different hardware, I'm thinking maybe I should wait for that - EVDO sounds pretty amazing to me, something I shouldn't miss out on.
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    If you wait you must be VERY patient.
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    Let's keep this straight and stop using the term EVDO and 650 in the same sentence! (Oooops!! Guess I just did!)

    While an EVDO capable Treo is in the works, it is not a 650. (Crap, did it again! ) It will be some other model number that most are guessing will be a 700.

    Should you wait? If you're a Verizon user, it will be almost a year wait if we are guessing correctly. Sprint...maybe 6 months. Of course this is all conjecture. How long can you wait?
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    I say don't wait unless the new product is actually announced. Otherwise, you will always be waiting forever because the next generation product is always coming.
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    Question: Isn't the real slowdown with data on the treo's latency not throughput? If so will EVDO really help this?

    Yes transfer of large files would be faster but I would suspect loading webpages is effected by latency more than throughput.

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