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    Sorry for the cross post, the other forums don't get nearly the traffic this one does....

    Is there any way to sync my treo's contacts and calender through some web interface or something? I'm just running outlook by itself, not exchange. Sometimes I enter things on my PC and never sync via the cable and find myself out in the world without all my appoitments, phone numbers, etc. The bluetooth sync thing has been a nightmare, so if there is anyway to sync my outlook info with my treo through the SprintPCS connection and my PC's internet connection that'd be great!

    I know it is a lot to ask, but maybe someone has a solution. I looked at Intellisync via Yahoo, but that only seems able to sync my PDA to Yahoo or Outlook to Yahoo, but not my PDA to Outlook. It also doesn't seem to be able to sync my PDA to yahoo via my Treo's web connection.


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    See this thread. It worked great for me.

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    Oh wow, thanks! All this time I thought I needed some VPN or third party thing or whatever and its been built in all along. I need to tweak my firewall. I'm DMZing my machine right now and its working(hack away!). When I just had the two ports forwarded it didn't work..I'll have to futz with it.

    The sync is suuuuuuper slow. Like 20 minutes or more. I need to disable a bunch of the conduits and backup stuff I guess.



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