I know this has been beat to death, but I have ready almost every post, tried almost all fixes. There were a few posts of people having same problem, but they were never answered. Here goes:
Cingular branded 650 with 1.23 generic firmware
PDA unlimited data connect
bluetooth setup properly on laptop (dialup connection comes up)
tried using isp.cingular and wap.cingular for connection, same result

when i dialup usng **9***1# to either isp.cingular or wap.cingular, either using the modem script from the palm pdf or not, and the username/pass is correct....it dieals, and just hangs on verifying username and password. i cant seem to get past this. the only thing i can come up with is that the "1" in "**9***1#" refers to connection settings number or something like that...are they referring to your connection under palm prefs-network. I have 4 diff service connections there, cingular csd, cingular gprs (wap) cingular ispda (ispda) and cingular isp (isp), in that order in the dropdown. i have tried changing the "1" to a "4" in case that was it, but that no work either. I am really at a dead end, and it should work, as most other people have gotten this to work, especially since i am on the generic firmware, not cingular's.