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    I know there were a few problems with some of the the latest releases and just wanted to know if Lightwav users were satisfied with with version 5.5.

    I am a registered user and uninstalled over the past few months because of resets, random alarms, and screen freezes. Do these problems seem to have been resolved?
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    Working ok here so far.. Some folks have had trouble with the area code locations not showing up when someone calls but it's working for me. I'm just using mostly basic features..
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    Seems to be the most stable release yet. At first, I saw a repeat of the screen being turned on 20 seconds after a call. But while testing, I have been unable to reproduce the problem.
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    It reset my phone on the first incoming call received, but was stable after that. No screen flash bug, but the area code info isn't working for me.
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    I think I will hold off for just a little while longer.
    I wanted to throw the damn Treo up against a wall when it started resetting on incoming calls!

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    I'm having really good luck with TreoGuard right now. It doesn't have as many ringtone features as Lightwav but it's got some other features that Lightwav doesn't.
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    It will be great if it worked with DioPlayer. That way, I don't need to purchase any extra software
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    Working ok so far......
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    for users who have problems with the areacode database. try setting the delay time to 2 or 3 secons before ringing the ringtone in the General Prefs screen.. the problem is that lwav hasnt gotten the callerID info yet. that is why it cant match the area code. also you can turn on the callerID logfile and then check the log when the caller calls you. if their callerID info is saved then lwav is working.
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    I'll try increasing the delay, but it that actually going to cause a delay in the ringer sounding?
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    I recently installed LightWave a few days ago on a trial basis. Now, when I receive incoming phone calls, my screen tells me the city and state the caller is from. For example, underneath the incoming phone number, it will say "From San Francisco, CA". I find this pretty cool.

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