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    My past Palms include a Pro, III, V, and my current m515. The V and m515 had the best protection: just a thin, effective leather flip cover that probably added only a few millimeters of thickness to the unit. Additionally, these covers were easily moved aside using only one hand (great when you're on a packed subway). What is my best option for such thin protection on the Treo 650? I really don't want to add much bulk to the unit.
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    I dont know of any flip case that is not going to add to much bulk to the case.

    How about the Krusell handit 2

    Or the book case here on TC

    I personally would like to ckeck out the Innopocket

    The Sena is the thinnest leather case I know of but its not a flip case and the clips they use are huge. All the Krusell cases that use the plastic Krusell clips are very weak. The Krusell metal belt loop is the way to go if you choose a Krusell. Most flip lid cases are bulky and use fat clips. Maybey sonething besides a flip case would be better if your going for light.

    This codi sport uses strong clips, it protects the screen and is very low profile.

    Personally Nutshell is one of my favorites

    You can use a Nutshell with a Sena leather skin if you dont like a naked treo. It fits perfectly.

    It is possible to make a light flip lid case but if its a flip lid case that means it faces out on the hip and if it faces out on the hip it would probabley use a lock release clip which are all big, you see how far a lock release clip causes a phone to stick out. So your adding to the bulk feeling there.

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